۱۳۹۴ تیر ۳۱, چهارشنبه

My birthday and a few souvenir

Today is my birthday and in birthdays willingly or unwilling I remember my childhood
. I was fourth son in my family and my brothers were 12 , 10 and 8 years older than me.Unfortunately we were lost our sister because of a sadness incident in our family farm . She were 3 years older than me .I can remember my mother when she was tearing .

Anyway , We spent our summer vacations in our farm ( in Balov willage )and all of us have so many good and bad memories about that years.
My father was a military retired and he so interested to cultivate fruit trees , grapes and spending his time in nature among his farms .

He also was a born storyteller who relieved in recounting his prowesses. Everyone knew his stories but he could tell fictions so prefessinaly and people listened as spellbound as if they heard them for the first time .
I was a constant heroes of his stories . My favorite story was starting in Sheykh Alikhan Hamam and finishing in Qurdlar baghi ( Wolfe's garden ) , I could kill some wild animals and kept my life and my 
father's life !
Haha ... smile emoticon ...It's enough for this time !but promise , I will write more in future